A Multinational Platform is Being Prepared Under the Cybersecurity Project. The project, which is financed by the European Union and coordinated by the Turkish National Agency under the main title “KA210 – Small-Scale Partnership in Youth”, and in partnership with the Western Black Sea Development Agency, held its first meeting in Zonguldak. The project “How Safe Is Your Personal Data – Kişisel Verileriniz Ne Kadar Güvende?”, which is supported by the National Agency under the Erasmus+ Program and holds a separate importance as one of the cybersecurity projects in our country, is carried out by the young participants of the Siberian Homeland Program in Zonguldak.

The Cybersecurity Researchers and Youth Association, formed by experts in the Siberian Homeland Program, coordinates the project, while the Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKA), one of the project partners, hosted the first meeting. Cybersecurity experts from Germany and Spain, who are also project partners, participated in the opening meeting.

In the meetings where cybersecurity is evaluated globally, the roadmap of the platform system to be created within the scope of the project was determined by examining the developing cyber attack techniques, the damage caused by cyber attacks to countries, and the social dimensions of these attacks. With this platform to be developed within the scope of the project, it is aimed to simplify the collection of cybersecurity tools that individuals may need on a single website, thereby contributing to increasing their own cybersecurity.

In the opening of the project meetings, Dr. Lutfi ALTUNSU, the Secretary-General of the Western Black Sea Development Agency, emphasized the importance of training young individuals in the field of cybersecurity and the need to accelerate new and innovative initiatives. Sibel Temli, the project coordinator of the Cybersecurity Researchers and Youth Association, who is a partner in the project, stated that individuals are obliged to ensure their cybersecurity while continuing their existence in the digital world.