Considering the fact that personal data has become a commercial commodity, the rapid increase in cybercrime, which gains a new dimension every day, and accordingly the large amount of personal data shared via social media, it is of great importance to protect personal data and take measures in this context.

In this context, in order to create an internet-based tool for measures that can be taken personally that will raise awareness about the security of personal data, as the Cyber Security Researchers and Youth Association, we will contribute to the EU Erasmus + Small- Scale Youth Partnership Program (KA210-YOU) “How Safe is Your Personal Data?” project is presented.

As a result of the evaluations made by the Turkish National Agency operating under the Directorate for EU Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, “How Safe is Your Personal Data?” Our project was found successful and deserved to be supported. As the partners of the project, Western Black Sea Development Agency from Turkey, NGO Nest Berlin from Germany and Inercia Digital from Spain are included.

As one of the components of the project, a website called Am I Safe, which has an interface that will create significant awareness in the use of digital technologies that will contribute to personal cyber security, has been prepared. Spanish and German language options of the website were developed by the project partners.

Within the scope of the project, Learning, Teaching and Training Program and technical meetings were held in Spain between 3-7 July 2023, hosted by Inercia Digital, one of the overseas partners of the project.

On the first day of the meetings, the participants who attended the meeting on behalf of the project partners made a presentation introducing themselves and their institutions. Then, a basic training on cyber security issues was given by our association member, and sample cases related to cyber security were presented. In addition, the Am I Safe website, which was developed within the scope of the project, was introduced.

On the second day of the meeting, a training was given by our association member about the software developed for the security of the modules of the Am I Safe website. Basic training was given on the management of the database of the website. Training was given on how the communication between the machines and the support robot is realized.

On the third day, a basic training on how to analyze malicious software was given by another member of our association for the meeting participants. Training was given on the working logic of the Information Collection, File Security and E-mail Leakage modules of the Am I Safe website and case studies were conducted.

On the fourth day, information was given about suitable platforms for software developers and training was given on content entry to the Am I Safe website.

On the last day of the meetings, views were exchanged on the awareness and dissemination activities of the project. It was decided to organize activities for young people in order to raise awareness about cyber security and to promote the website created within the scope of the project effectively. It was decided to raise awareness on each project partner’s own social media accounts and to promote the website, which is the most important output of the project.

In the meeting held, the participants were given basic training on cyber security, as well as training on the use of user and admin panels of the website created within the scope of the project, and exchange of views on dissemination activities.

In the future, we plan to organize seminars and social media sharing campaigns especially for young people in order to raise awareness about personal cyber security. In addition, we aim to develop our Am I Safe website with new cyber security modules.